Homes Needed – January 2014

Markus Winkler is looking for the following homes:

1. Semi-detached home in Cornell Village or Upper Cornell. Preferably with 2 car garage, open concept.

2. Detached 4 bedroom in Upper Cornell, Cornell Village, or Cornell Rouge. 2200sq feet minimum. 

3. Detached 3 bedroom in Cornell Village, Grand Cornell, or Upper Cornell.

4. Townhome in Cornell Village or Cornell Rouge. 

5. 4 Bedroom detached home in Old Markham and/or Markham Village.

6. Semi-detached home in Vaughan.

7. Detached 3 or 4 bedroom in Courtice.

If you have any of the following homes please don’t hesitate to contact Markus Winkler to discuss if your home is a good fit for his clients! You are under no obligation to sell through him in doing so!