Trusted Home Inspections

Have to get on my soapbox for this one… Shawn (of Clarified Home Inspections) is without doubt the most professional and honest person I’ve dealt with in my real estate career. He’s thorough, hardworking, and takes real pride in what he’s doing. I don’t just consider him a home inspector that I refer out… I consider him a partner in my business. My services are tied with his. I put my reputation on the line each time I pass along his contact information, but I do so without hesitation.

In a business like real estate and community like Cornell where I feel my reputation and honesty is what keeps my business afloat and my family fed I would never ever gamble on recommending something as sensitive as a home inspection to some fly by night home inspector who is either too corrupt or too lazy to do a proper inspection. Shawn is neither of those things. His home inspections have led to some fairly difficult conversations (based on things he finds that others may not), but it’s those kind of discoveries that ensure people live in a sound and stable home for years to come.

Yes, I’ve had buyers walk from a house based on some of the things Shawn has found. But each one of those buyers appreciated the work Shawn did, and therefore the buyers in turn appreciate the hard work I do, and become, I hope, clients for life. I can sleep at night after an inspection Shawn has performed knowing that there will be no ugly surprises in the future, no negative phone calls a year months from now, and no risk of clients suggesting I swept issues under the rug.

Shawn is both a colleague, a trusted part of my business, and an insurance policy. As long as Shawn keeps doing what he’s doing, I’m sure I’ll be able to continue to get good word of mouth and referrals.

I can’t recommend his services enough, whether it’s for an inspection of a home clients are considering purchasing, or for a check-up on your own house to be more aware of arising problems. Our homes are our greatest investment, and having someone like Shawn of Clarified Home Inspections look over your home just makes good sense, both for peace of mind, and financially as well.

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